Moyes Manages Nicely at Anoeta, Thank You Very Much

Published on 5-Jan-2015 by El Grande Rio

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Moyes Manages Nicely at Anoeta, Thank You Very Much

This wasn't one of those matches where one could say football was a product of the gods.

But it was one where David Moyes' mangerial competence was confirmed yet again as his Real Sociedad side posted a backhanded 1-0 result over star-studded Barcelona on Sunday night.

That's not quite his image in Manchester

David Moyes was Sir Alex Ferguson's hand-picked successor at Manchester United, but he failed, to put it kindly.

Sarcasm is so unbecoming. But in impatient hands, it can fun.

There may be no such thing as piling on in a football match, but there is after a football match. From all quarters.

Then there was the by-now infamous incident where United fans took a page out of the American Disgruntled Fan handbook and arranged for a private plane to do a few laps over Old Trafford, pulling a banner that declared their personal inclinations toward Moyes. To be fair, it was not a universally-condoned action:

Anyway, so much for Sir Alec's taste in successors.

Real Sociedad is nestled in the heart of Basque country. If Moyes had his choice of exile, San Sebastián it's understandable why that was at the top of his list.

Here's the ultimate conundrum when it comes to managers and coaches:

How is it possible that someone who was crucified last season as the most ignorant football manager on the planet could win a actual football game -- ie- not on FIFA15 -- against a side like Barcelona, complete with Messi, Neymar and Suárez?

Don't even bother to ponder that. You might end up like Jordi Alba, in some sort of own-goal Twilight Zone:

And if anyone sees Martin Montoya, call him a taxi, compliments of Sergio Canales: