Mourinho Allows Chelsea to Can Him

Published on 17-Dec-2015 by J Square Humboldt
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

A not so special season.

It's almost always awkward when a team announces its manager is leaving by mutual agreement.

Because, really, who are they kidding?

The latest case in point: Chelsea and the Special One.

Does José Mourinho look like he mutually agreed to anything?

Ah, yes. The Leicester City loss. At Stamford Bridge, no less. The posh getting done by the unwashed.

Can't lay that one on the Special One. Just ask him:

Not that it doesn't sound like a day at the office a club might expect from any manager or anything.

But if there was any question before the match that dude had lost the squad, all doubt would've been removed after this bit hit the media:

Now, that sounds like a manager who'd already put the finishing touches on his exit scenario.

In that profession, it's advisable to have one. Perhaps the seeds here were sown 18 months ago:

Dude will land on his feet somewhere, which had best be where his perception lines up with morality much more closely than it's been at Chelsea lately:

Apparently, performances indicate the feeling wasn't mutual.

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