Milan Has Become China West

Published on 3-Apr-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Milan Has Become China West

Sport as foreign policy is alive and well.

Of course, at the price for most elite franchises in the world, it virtually takes a government's coffers to make a sale happen.

Chinese officialdom's dosh was behind the €1billion deal to purchase 75% of AC Milan from media mogul and bunga bunga aficionado Silvio Berlusconi.

It's time.

Here's that comment section below: The sooner AC Milan gets out from under Berlusconi's control, the better.

Imminently, i Rossoneri will have something else in common with rivals Inter Milan besides wallowing adrift in the Serie A table ...

Serie A mid-table

Inter are already owned by Chinese interests that also had the blessing of its government. The People's Republic desperately desires to become a force on the international football stage, and backing acquisitions like Inter and AC Milan are clearly part of the plan.

The poobahs are apparently tired of being the other team in highlight clips:

Note that Aussies have much in common with Canadians when it comes to handling hard play. That wasn't much of a macho moment for the Chinese.

And that crowd is ready to spend heavily for an image makeover. The Ultras will be fine with it, too.