Mexico Not Done and Dusted by Copa Failure

Published on 1-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Mexico Not Done and Dusted by Copa Failure

Putting it mildly, Mexico had a dishartening end to their Copa América campaign.

But El Tri needed to regroup -- and quickly -- with the Gold Cup getting under way next week.

Thus, they looked at their comeback to forge a 2-2 draw against Costa Rica as a watershed moment, which is an interesting way to view a friendly.

It seemed as if the Copa América was still haunting the Mexicans when David Ramírez scored in a blink of an eye:

Shades of a Copa hangover!

The day got even worse when Mexico conceded from one of its own, Miguel Layún:

So how does one rolling ball get tangled up in two feet that surely had time to be warned by two eyes? And why are all the defenders falling inside the goal line? It counts when the ball crosses, dudes.

Full credit to Mexico, though, for responding instead of wilting. It began to pay dividends when Giovani dos Santos netted beautifully:

From that angle, he must've been dreaming the dream.

It was like hitting with both barrels for Mexico as none other than Javier Chicharito Hernández popped the second goal immediately afterward.

It's hard to miss such beautiful crosses. Eye of the needle stuff.