Messi's Presence Brings Out the Best of Barcelona

Published on 25-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Messi's Presence Brings Out the Best of Barcelona

Lionel Messi turned this match into his own Welcome Home party.

Barcelona suhmashed AS Roma, 6-1 to mark their territory as the big dogs in Europe.

After this display, no one will argue they're at least one of the best. It's not often blowouts happen in Champions League action, but when Barça is involved, the chance is always there,

Luis Suárez was virtually spoon-fed the first goal, which served as a hint of things to come:

They may as well have trademarked this move:

Every football lover surely missed the Messi chip in his absence.

Suárez then showed why he earned the nickname El Pistolero:

His feet can turn footballs into bullets.

By this time, Los Blaugranas decided to insert Gerard Pique into a striking role. Why? Because they could.

He definitely can handle tap-ins like Ronaldo.

Messi then popped another to further celebrate his return:

This game was a treasure trove of passes.

Neymar did botch one from the spot, but Barçz never lets anything go:

Roma’s consolation goal came in the dying minutes:

If ever there was garbage time in football, that was it. Not worth much.

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