Merseyside Derby: Lotsa Action ... and Even a Goal

Published on 20-Dec-2016 by srijan213

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Merseyside Derby: Lotsa Action ... and Even a Goal

A fixture capable enough to spoil someone’s Christmas buildup surely broke and fixed many hearts last night.

One of the most brutal derbys in the Premiership -- Everton vs Liverpool -- justified its stature.

In this one, the Blues conceded a very late goal to fall, 0-1.

Wanna know how physical this match was?

Just check the time added on when Sadio Mané beat a pair of hosts to the rebound to gain the trois points:


Red cards aren't unusual when these rivals clash, but while none of those were raised, four yellows were shown. That was the only state where Everton led, drawing three of them.

The reality is Liverpool controlled this match, maintaining possession for at least two-thirds of the time. Ironically, though, they never got off a shot until the 51st minute.

That's not to say there wasn't any action leading up to Mané's winner:


Liverpool are the kings of late goals. This was the fourth time in the history of this derby that they've popped  the decider in the 90th minute or later.

As to the physicality, maybe this match didn't live down to the unique way -- back in the day -- these rivals handled their business ...


... but that's the tone both sides still set every time they meet.

No wonder that even their one-goal clashes have the locals buzzing well beyond the final whistle.

Whenever it comes.

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