May As Well Call It the Bayernsliga

Published on 8-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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May As Well Call It the Bayernsliga

Bayern Munich must have published its own dictionary and removed the word lose from it.

The Bavarian juggernaut continued its awesome march through the Bundesliga, winning handsomely, 4-0, against Vfb Stuttgart.

Bayern are a possession-obsessed side, but unlike Manchester United, they can actually score at will. On this day, the opposition was probably pleased to see only four goals go in.

It was the Dutch fallen angel, Arjen Robben, to chest the first one home:

It's like Iron Man firing his ultimate laser.

Counter-attacking is a favorite tactic of Per Guardiola, so he had as happy watching this build-up as Douglas Costa was in finishing it:

Must be a wonderful feeling to have choices. Real Madrid's now got a contender for best countering team.

Of course, it wouldn't be an FC Bayern if Robert Lewandowski didn't score:

Dude's a goal machine.

Bayern then decided to fool around a little for the fourth goal:

Who uses the ground when you can take the aerial route?