Manchester United Wasn't Boring This Time

Published on 3-Feb-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United Wasn't Boring This Time

Old Trafford ticketholders got value for money out of this Red Devils performance.

Manchester United amazingly shifted from goalless draws and won 3-0 against Stoke City.

The Potters -- and even the footballing world -- weren't expecting this sort of outburst, but it came. Seems like Louis van Gaal lives for another day.

Miracle of miracles, United finally scored a first half goal through Jessi Lingard:

This is why being small in the game is an advantage. You can head at knee level.

The match turned out to be a goal fiesta for United fans:

What a counter from the homeys! And even better from the golden boy, Anthony Martial.

Captain Wayne Rooney then joined the party, as he put away the Potters once and for all.

And so it is the team that loves to tease raises its legions' hopes once again.