Manchester United Understudies Upstage Arsenal's Vets

Published on 1-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United Understudies Upstage Arsenal's Vets

Who knew that youth being served would relieve the pressure to win at Old Trafford?

Manchester United went with a fresh-faced lineup again, and they put up another glorious performance. This time, it was against an overconfident Arsenal to the tune of an entertaining 3-2 scoreline.

Seems like Louis van Gaal’s new horny approach for the players is working miracles in the field. What it's doing for them elsewhere is another matter for another site.

Then again, the power o horn dogging is never to be underestimated. Back-to-back wins while14 senior players are injured speaks for iteself.

New sensation Marcus Rashford continued his new role as a Red Devils hero by getting this show on the road:

There is no stopping such power.

What can be better than a debut Premiership goal? A second goal, of course, for the young dude:

Messi took many years to score against Petr Čech, but Rashfor didn't have that kind of time.

Arsenal turned to a former Red, Danny Welbeck, to take one back:

How's a dude with his talent left alone there? Then again, this is the United defense we're talking about.

Other than that, United played the Gunners like schoolkids, as Ander Herrera got the third:

That was going in, no matter what.

Mesut Özil went from set-up specialist to scorer to keep Arsenal close:

He didn't take the shot; he instead assisted the field with that one.

The manager faints.