Manchester United's Cup Quest Continues

Published on 16-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester United's Cup Quest Continues

Of all things.

What shoulda happened actually happened.

The Red Devils took care of biz and bopped Preston North End, 1-3, in the FA Cup.

Yes, neutral punters loaded up to win pence on the pound in this tie, but how many times has United disappointed them? Not this time, though. Luis van Gaal's crew fought back hard to reach the quarterfinals and Arsenal.

For the Red Devils, the usual happened. What’s the usual, you ask? Radamel Falcao missed:

And they conceded first.

Given David de Gea’s form, he shoulda saved it. Dude’s a goal stopping machine, but this time, his mid-air barrel roll was the exception to his rule.

It still occurs that United remembers it's United, and what United are suppsed to do best is bounce back. This time, they did.

Perhaps a frisky Wayne Rooney blocked the well-travelled Thorsten Stuckmann's view. Whatever, Ander Herrera made no mistake.

And the comeback was under way for the Devils.

Marouane Fellaini has the 'do to put serious surface on those headers. Could be why his noggin is becoming the favorite place for United players to land the ball.

Wayne Rooney was knocked down in the 88th minute, but he got up again, so they're never gonna keep him down.

Incidentally, Wayne does not dive nowadays. So there.

The given penalty was well converted by the England and Manchester United captain.

Not even a 6-6, well-travelled German is gonna stop that.

United now face their toughest encounter yet in Arsenal. There's still time to dream, so no doubt the Red Devils are fantasizing about laying another 8-2 smackdown on the Gunners.