Manchester United's Coda Hits a High Note

Published on 18-May-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United's Coda Hits a High Note

The Red Devils know a thing or two about ups and downs.

Manchester United wrapped their season on the former, posting a 3-1 result over Bournemouth.

Luis van Gaal's philosophy may have flopped most of the time, but not against the Cherries.

Then again, it was the Cherries.

Hate to say it, but that could be one reason why Wayne Rooney scored:

That was only No 8 on the season.

Marcus Rashford has been a sensation since he burst onto the scene, and he gave everyone another glimpse of his ability:

The young guns bode well for United's future.

Rooney then set up a beautiful chance for Ashley Young to hit the scoreboard:

Dude didn't dive this time.

Apparently, Chris Smalling felt pity for Bournemouth and decided to give away an own goal:

Once in a blue moon there's excess of goals at Old Trafford these days.

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