Manchester United Reminds Midtylland Who They Are

Published on 27-Feb-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United Reminds Midtylland Who They Are

Louis van Gaal took a novel approach to right the ship.

Dude looked like a Dutch master again by fielding a youth squad for Manchester United's return leg against Danish upstart Midtylland, and the tactic completely turned the tables.

United smashed the Wolves, 5-1, to progress in the Europa League.

What seniors couldn't do, their understudies did with ease.

However, not before a bit of added tension crept into the match. United got dragged into deep waters when Pione Sisto stunned the home crowd 27 minutes into the proceedings:

That's the short of defending you get from non-defenders.

United resorted to its old friend, Mr Own Goal, to get back in the game:

Apparently, that finally lit the fuse. But it was a slow burner, as it took a half hour for rookie Marcus Rashford open the floodgates with his debut goal for the varsity:

It's tempting to say the old Red Devils aura is back, but let's consider the frame of reference, here.

Rashford didn't rightly care about any of that, though. Dude was on a roll and proved it to the joy of Old Trafford's faithful with his second marker 12 minutes later:

United could have unwrapped a gem.

Ander Herrera then fired a rocket from the penalty spot after another 12 minutes had elapsed, and that sealed the deal:

This is the only way a penalty should be hit.

Memphis Depay dazzled the crowd and finally got his goal for his efforts:

He's a talent, no matter what his recent form says.

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