Manchester United Humiliated at Chelsea

Published on 24-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United Humiliated at Chelsea

This weekend's clash of the titans turned out to be a smash of the titans.

The signficance?

José Mourinho's former crew was the smasher and his new club was the smashee.

Chelsea confortably rolled over Manchester United to the tune of 4-0.

Thrashing United has become a common occurrence these days.

Whether it's at the hands of an underdog or the big brands doesn't seem to make any difference.

Pedro scored the fastest goal of the season, netting it with just 30 seconds on the clock:

That was 'way to easy, and a hint of things to come.

Chelsea’s skipper for the day, Gary Cahill, finished a Red Devil fumble and made it two.

The Blues are always better in set pieces, and United, as always, is sloppy. Not good for Mancunians:

Eden Hazard is making amends for the disaster that was last season. He posted an amazing effort in this one:

Real Madrid may be banging your door soon, dude.

The best goal of the match was yet to come.

N’golo Kanté is usually seen defending, but this time he switched roles:

He doesn't cost £100 million and scores goals in crucial matches.

What's more, he's French, and those dudes love twisting the knife on special ones.

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