Manchester United Could Be Returning to the Old Ways

Published on 12-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Manchester United Could Be Returning to the Old Ways

The attacking aura is back at Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams.

Manchester United showed its offensive capabilities against Watford, ramming home a pair of goals in a 2-0 result that wasn't as close as it looked.

Years have gone by since Red Devil Nation has seen embers of the glory days, but the wait finally seems to be over.

United’s youngbloods are certainly leading a revival.

Juan Mata may have been rejected by the José Mourinho in his Chelsea days, but it now looks like dude's one of the favorites here as he continues to score wonder goals:

If one misses the chance, another is always there to grab it.

United's had high expectations of Anothony Martial. For the most part, they just haven't come, but he muzzled the critics for a while, at least, with his amazing run and solo play to score United’s second of the night:

Believe and they shall deliver.