Manchester United Can't Handle the Swans

Published on 1-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester United Can't Handle the Swans

Big brands get exposed in blind taste tests all the time.

A common result is the major difference between generic products and those that are branded is the price tag.

And don't the Swans know it!

It's been heady days for the budget-conscious generics at Swansea City, as their brand of football has already levelled Chelsea this season and now taken down that high-priced spread from Old Trafford, 2-1, at home.

After splashing loads of dosh on the transfer market, Manchester United could use that processor.

The slowness in the Red Devils' attack can even be topped by a snail, it seems. Swansea did a double on United last season, and now the Swans are half way through to achieving it again.

Sometimes turtles do win, though, as confirmed by Luis Mata’s goal to open the scoring:

Then the Swans switched gears:

That is as miserable as it gets on defense: a small dude left fully free for a header.

And then, United's lesson not learned, Bafétimbi Gomis struck again five minutes later for the winning goal:

Swans have their rabbit. And another big brand's pelt.

Manchester United win against Swansea? Take it away, Turk:

Must've been a wonderful two days of training so far this week for the big brand. At least, after the match, that'd be a logical assumption, given what appears to be a rather harsh thought process by Mr van Gaal:

Van Gaal scowl

Looks like beans on toast all week at the training table, lads. Seems you can't keep up with the Welsh rabbit rarebit.