Manchester United Are Rolling Already

Published on 27-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester United Are Rolling Already

Seems like one of Luis van Gaal's changes this season is not losing.

Manchester United just took on Champions League titlist Barcelona and came out worthy 3-1 winners in front of a packed house at the San Francisco 49ers' new digs in Santa Clara, showing how well football can be played without hands.

Maybe there's hope in some quarters.

In last season's titanific friendly, the Red Devils defeated Real Madrid, and now they've done Barcelona. Looks like reeling in big fish during the pre-season is van Gaal’s forte.

United mainsty Wayne Rooney was first on the board:

Damn. The last time he was that open might've been after he had a bean burrito take-out.

Dudes weren't done with just one. This time, they got nifty:

Indeed, nothing says youth academy quite like the ol' 44-to-49-to-42-to-35 build-up to a score. Only their immediate families and hardcore Devils devotees would know that to be Andreas Pereira advancing and then passing to James Wilson playing it to Tyler Blackett pulling it back to Jesse Lingard for the honors.

Barcelona then got one back in a trademark fashion:

A show of Brazilian flair -- this one by Rafinha -- never goes amiss.

United have long gained a reputation for scoring late goals:

And that doesn't look to change anytime soon:

Adnan Januzaj surely can fill the void if Ángel di María leaves.

So, van Gaal has cast his spell yet again, but this isn't exactly the Premiership in full season, is it?