Manchester Derby Goes to the Sky Blues

Published on 10-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester Derby Goes to the Sky Blues

Clearly, the Red v Blue rivalry in Manchester goes 'way back to just before the founding of what's now the Premiership.

Fightin' words are more figurative now -- too bad the Inter City Firm didn't get the memo -- but feelings still run deep on those two days in the season when United and City square off.

Losta dosh is on the pitch when those two clubs get together, and they usually live up to their wages. This time, it was City claiming a 1-2 decision at Old Trafford.

It's well-known that United's José Mourinho and City's Pep Guardiola have not exactly been cordial through the years. Even though they buried the hatchet prior to sharing Manchester's football allegiances, the parry and thrust in this game was obvious.

It was also won by Guardiola.

Kevin de Bruyne is turning out to be a bargain who keeps getting better. His strike against the Reds provided more evidence:

Top-class finishing. Third-class defending.

The Belgian international assisted in the Sky Blues' the second goal when Kelechi Iheanacho -- playing in place of the suspended Sergio Agüero -- converted a simple tap-in:

Zlatan Ibrahimović now has four goals for his new employers, and this one could've gotten points for degree of difficulty:

Yes, there was an open goal, but still.

The bragging rights go to Manchester City until the next clash on Sat 25 Feb.