Manchester City's Meek against Mighty Barcelona

Published on 19-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City's Meek against Mighty Barcelona

Manchester City looked like a reserves team as Barcelona humiliated them in every aspect of the game.

The 1-0 scoreline and 3-1 aggregate in Champions League bracket play is an understatement to the pounding that Citizens took at the iconic Camp Nou.

City had a tough task of overcoming all the odds against the Spanish giants. Messi & Co handed them a lesson they won’t soon forget and, in the process, imparted a moral lesson that  money can’t buy everything ... especially when another big bucks operation has a similar-sized pocketbook.

Barça essentially placed their name into the Final Eight shortly after this cute lob by Ivan Rakitić set up the only goal they needed.

And then began the goalkeeping master class from English international Joe Hart.

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This match could have easily seen a 6-0 scoreline if someone else was between the sticks for the Sky Blues.

Disappointing City did get a small glimmer of hope when they were granted a penalty:

But as we all know, that's only half the battle. As to the balance of it ...

Joe Hart isn't the only one with stopping superpowers here.

The most relieved man on the pitch would've been Messi, who missed one from the spot in the first leg. Twice, in fact:

Manchester City played like kids who were given a ball for the first time and a vacant lot to play in. Barcelona just strolled right past them without any worries.

Next task for Barça: What else? Win everything.

Next chapter for City: Same old, same old. Chase Chelsea. And do some scouting.

These munchkins seem 'way better in comparison.