Manchester City’s Downfall Has Begun

Published on 30-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City’s Downfall Has Begun

After failing miserably to the Hammers, Manchester City proceeded to confirm that performance wasn't a fluke by doing it again.

Tottenham ran rampant over the Citzens in a 4-1 rout.

Clearly, the day didn't go according to City’s plans. Seems that dosh can only buy you so many games.

In the early going, it did appear they'd back up what appeared to be a superior side on paper:

Kevin de Bruyne is City's record signing for a reason.

Then, just before the stroke of halftime, the wheels started falling off their wagon:

While City's defense went into freeze frame, Eric Dier went bowling on the green.

Joe Hart wasn't in the team sheet for Man City in this one, and they missed him dearly.

Perhaps that's why the elite 'keepers don’t run around so much.

Harry Kane's been taking notes from Wayne Rooney lately on how not to score, but he ditched that class with this chance:

Now, that's how to hit a free kick and catch a half-volley all at once.

As if this match hadn't already become City's worst nightmare, things got even worse:

Érik Lamela almost lost it there, but Argentines have a knack for running beyond the 'keepers.

Just ask Maradona and Messi.