Manchester City’s a Sinking Ship

Published on 8-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City’s a Sinking Ship

Right in the throes of the Premiership's final stages, Manchester City seem to have given up.

The top flight is as tight as ever, and City chose the wrong day to lose. They blew a 1-2 decision to Crystal Palace, which plunked them down into fourth place.

Not many would wagered in Palace’s favor but those who did must be filthy rich now. The Citizens' stars couldn't shine brightly enough to blind the Eagles.

Yes, Joe Hart putting a hand in the air would stop goals in fairy land, but not in the Premiership.

And then, he was beaten again, this time with a perfectly placed freekick:

And again, he was right to keep his hands on the ground, but not right enough.

Citizen Touré finally scored after his return with a staggering left-footer:

But frankly, that was that. City basically mingled on the pitch until the final whistle.

With rivals United next and in their best form, perhaps Mr van Gaal is correct when he says, “Manchester United have City scared”.