Manchester City Recovers from Its Derby Misery

Published on 23-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City Recovers from Its Derby Misery

After a beatdown at the hands of City rivals Manchester United, the Citizens seem to have regained their footing again.

Manchester City took out a submissive West Ham United side by a pedestrian 2-0 scoreline.

This followed a surfeit of hand-wringing around Etihad Stadium after the derby disaster. Everyone and everything wearing Sky Blue were said to be sent packing, but it seems the fog has now been lifted and City sees a new day.

Dishonorably fourth in the table -- by their self-perceived standard -- the Citizens had to win this one against the Hammers.

Their cause was boosted by a Hammer own goal.

Match that, Jordan Spieth! Even Messi would've been proud of that one ... into the opponent's goal, though:

Come to England once in a while, lads.

Citizens’ second was from the man on whom they can always rely, Sergio Agüero.

Where was that a week ago?

Agüero scores even when he slips. Dude's either lucky or extremely talented. And yes, that's a rhetorical musing.

It's accurate to state that, even in the derby, Agüero was City's sole performer. Even among the array of stars in Blue Manchester, he still shines the brightest.

City must now focus on escaping fourth place in the Premiership table and thus the UCL playoffs. If Agüero keeps scoring like this, then there should be no problem. City must be glad they found him.