Manchester City Reaches Champions League Knockout Stage

Published on 4-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City Reaches Champions League Knockout Stage

Even with two group matches remaining, the Sky Blues are assured of bracket time in Europe.

A tricky Champions League visit to Sevilla turned into a relatively routine romp as Manchester City won, 1-3.

The Mancunians weren't considered to have had the easiest draw in this competition, but now they've confirmed their place in the Round of 16:

Champions League Group D

Now, this is how the Premiership's leaders are supposed to play.

It was Mr Money -- Raheem Sterling -- who netted the first goal in Spain:

Eat your hearts out, Liverpool.

Sterling was full service in this match. Dude not only scored but assisted. Value for dosh:

No rest for Sevilla's keeper. City keep hammering at it.

However, there was a slight glimmer of hope for Los Rojiblancos as Benoît Trémoulinas narrowed the margin:

Leaving a man free in the penalty box. Classic Premiership defending, that is.

But Wilfried Bony made sure City would grab all trois points:

That's that, then. Nothing left to do on the continent except tune up, wait for the bracket draw, and lace up the boots in February.


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