Manchester City Pops Cherries

Published on 9-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester City Pops Cherries

Bournemouth fans witnessed a sanctioned mugging at Vitality Stadium.

The only vitality there was from the blue part of Manchester.

The Citizens went full throttle against the Cherries, ka-rushing them 0-4.

It didn't take them long to show who's the daddy, either ...

... Like in the 7th minute, when Fernando dropped the first bomb on Bournemouth:

When a volley is hit like that, it stays hit.

City couldn't have looked more confident. They beat Bournemouth like a rented drum.

Kevin de Bruyne is surely enjoying his time in the sun.

And it wouldn’t be a Manchester City match if Sergio Agüero didn't pop up on the scoresheet:

Dude's short, but his leap isn't.

The match highlight came when Aleksander Kolarov netted this gem:

Quite the performance. Too bad the only way City can see the top rung of the table is with a telescope.

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