Manchester City Make a Statement against the Blues

Published on 17-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City Make a Statement against the Blues

Welly, welly, well, droogies.

The reigning Premiership champions were utterly humiliated by the crew they dethroned to the ominous tune that turns a 3-0 scoreline into a virtual dirge.

A big-branch match like this came surprisingly early in the schedule, leaving little time for a hypefest or sides to settle into the season. However, it quickly became clear that the Sky Blues were well-grounded from the start.

Talk about putting the boot in!

Manchester City’s attacking power was simply too much to handle for José Mourinho’s men.

This became obvious from the nature of the game's first goal:

Four defenders around Sergio Agüero and still he scores this easily. Dosh well spent, City.

There were a few spells where a Chelsea comback might have been possible, but the Citizens weren't in the mood to allow raised hopes:

Who better than the captain himself, Vincent Kompany, to ensure the trois points, right?

At least he didn't use his shoulder this time. As if it would've made any dif against the Baggies:

The final blow came five minutes from time, delivered with style by Fernandinho.

Out of carelessness, actually, but no one stops a rocket like that.

So City's the side that's setting the early pace, but it is early days, even for the monster clubs. Ask Chelsea. Swansea awaits.