Manchester City Knocks Out Sunderland on Boxing Day

Published on 27-Dec-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City Knocks Out Sunderland on Boxing Day

Manchester City might have taken Boxing Day too literally.

OK, the tradition is actually about England's landed gentry sending those who served them home with boxes of whatnot and leftovers.

But either way, City had no problem knocking the teeth out of Sunderland and sending the Black Cats home with scraps as they dominated in a 4-1 decision.

The Citizens may have stumbled recently, but a dose of Black Cat bumbling seems to have cured what ails them. Sunderland fell prey to the might of the Citizen’s wrath.

Raheem Sterling may not be the tallest dude out there, but he was the fastest to reach the ball with his well-compensated noggin:

Sunderland would do well to borrow a few tall dudes from Stoke City.

Stoke City tall players

Yaya Touré fired a missile last game, but on this day, he lit the fuse on a cannon.

Vito Mannone or any other keeper had no chance with that one.

Wilfried Bony has started to show the form to justify his wage:

Kevin De Bruyne was bought for a hefty price tag, as well, and he's finally starting to repay the debt.

A weird assist overall.

A lovely parting gift of a goal for Sunderland also came via a weird assist from Fabio Borini:

Still, it was a happy Boxing Day for the hosts at Etihad Stadium.