Manchester City Feels the Spurs

Published on 2-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester City Feels the Spurs

The Premiership's early leaders weren't surprised they had pursuers on their heels.

They just didn't realize it'd be sharp heels digging into their unbeaten streak.

The league's perennial dark horse -- none other than Tottenham Hotspur -- put paid to its last unbeaten side, blanking Manchester City, 2-0.

It's still early days in the race, but the contenders are falling into position:

Premiership standings

Spurs were missing Harry Kane, but the lads at White Hart Lane picked him up.

So did City, actually. Aleksander Kolarov scored on his own net:

Hell of a cross, hell of an own goal.

Tottenham's second was no fluke, though.

The Sky Blues were caught out when Spurs did what they're famous for doing, ie- assemble an artistic build-up. The trick for them has been in finishig it, but this time Dele Alli took care of that:

Those were the money moments, of course, but Manchester City was thoroughly outplayed and outsmarted in this one.

And Spurs don't look to get dumber any time soon.

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