Manchester City Blinks Again

Published on 9-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester City Blinks Again

Manchester City suffered another setback in their pursuit of the runaway train masquerading as the Chelsea Blues.

They could ill afford a 1-1 result against Hull City. But that was the reality.

The absence of Yaya Touré has precipitated the worst run for the azure districts of Manchester. Chance after chance came their way in this one, but there was obviously no finish.

The Tigers began to fancy their own opportunities for the coveted trois points as the first half unfolded. This would've been unthinkable last season, but we are reminded yet again that -- until Japanese scientists get their act totally together -- sports are performed by humans and not robots.

But progress is obviously being made. Harry Redknapp, take note. But that's a disaster for another day.

Back at this one, gadzooks, dudes! How did the Keystone Kops get onto the pitch in Sky Blue colors?

A joker’s goal conceded from a professional’s eye. Joe Hart is not a Shaolin 'keeper.

The Premiership's defending champs were starting to see Chelsea seven points away, but an unlikely hero popped up at the Emirates Stadium in the 90th minute. James Milner, of all people, earned his crew a point with a Blyleven curve that would've put a tear in that Hall of Famer's eye:

Incidentally, purists would know a Koufax curve would've swung the other way and been even more killer.

Manchester City have always been generous to relegation-threatened teams and seem to be fond of dropping points for the bottom team to catch. Having seen enough of this, manager Manuel Pellegrini can only shrug and awaits his side getting back to pushing around more worthy foes.

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