Manchester City Bags the Baggies

Published on 13-Aug-2015 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Review

The Sky Blues are shockingly good.

Manchester City look to start the new season right where they left off last spring.

Their high-intensity attack pace hasn't faded, and neither have the goals.

The Sky Blues throttled West Bromwich Albion, 0-3, to serve notice that they're a primary factor in 2015-2016's title chase and cup runs.

In this, its Premiership opener, City turned it up to 11 PDQ:

OK, so the ball was a bit shy on the Q, but the P and D had that “Stop me if you can” cheekiness about it. And David Silva's not picky about how he gets onto the score sheet.

The second for City was definitely a solo production from Yaya Touré was not a fluke by any means.

That went in like a wrecking ball.

City’s night just kept getting better from there, as they hammered home a third:

That's as good a header that anyone will see in football.

So, Manchester City are firing on all cylinders already.

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