Mancheser United Minces a Struggling Champion

Published on 8-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Mancheser United Minces a Struggling Champion

The Premiership's champions were no match for the wrath that is Manchester United.

Even though that wrath comes and goes these days.

Leicester City's Cinderella 2015-2016 season is so far in the rear view mirror, one almost has to check the archives to confirm it really happened.


Can't tell it this year. The Foxes are flirting with relegation, which would be the most amazing fall from grace in Premiership history.

So all they needed was a visit by the in-form Red Devils and the humiliating 0-3 whitewash they administered.

Defeat seemed to be a rare occasion for Leicester City a year ago, but now, winning a game has been a rare event. Even at home.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is always setting up scoring plays for Manchester United, but this time, he was on the glory end:

Amazing, really. United finally puts together a counter-attack that bears fruit.

Then came the most interesting player to grace a pitch in recent times, Zlatan Ibrahimović, who was born in Rosengård -- the immigrant enclave of Malmö --  to score United's second:

Nothing's too difficult for this dude.

Juan Mata added more misery for the downtrodden champions with a third goal:

If the Foxes stay up this season, it will be another fairy tale come true.