Man City’s Perfection Shattered by the Hammers

Published on 22-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Man City’s Perfection Shattered by the Hammers

The mighty Manchester City were enjoying a perfect run until West Ham United appeared on the scene.

They were stunned at home to the tune of a 1-2 result.

Every team experiences an off day and this one was City's. West Ham broke the Sky Blues' undefeated run and had to fight hard to keep it that way.

Victor Moses put a quick crack in City’s perfect mirror with a long bomb:

Dude caught them before they could set up.

The mirror then shattered to pieces as the Hammers found a second from Diafra Sakho on a set piece:

That mirror was not easy to break. It took three full-grown Hammers

Kevin De Bruyne, star of The Rebuilt Series, replied his first for the Sky Blues:

Seems the Hammers aren't the only ones good from the next postal code.

Unfortunately for De Bruyne and City, that was all they could muster.