Man City Leaves It Late but Leaves with the Points

Published on 04-Jan-2016 by srijan213
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Bailed out

Looks like reclaiming a match is becoming a habit for Manchester City.

Their late heroics disappointed high-flying Watford, as the 1-2 result didn't send the Hornet faithful home happy. It just sent them home.

The Sky Blue defense may not be up to par this season, but when their attack gets rolling -- no matter when -- it's sight to behold.

Aleksander Kolarav may be the league's top fullback this season, but he still makes mistakes:

If he'd have done that on the other post, then manager Manuel Pellegrini would have been much happier.

Then, in the 82nd and 84th minutes, came the usual saviors for City.

Yaya Touré’s missile hit the mark yet again:

Dude may never run out of ammo.

Sergio Agüero's small stature didn't stop him from completing his mission:

This is a perfect example of perfect header.

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