Magpies Surprise the 'Pool

Published on 2-Nov-2014 by srijan213

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Magpies Surprise the 'Pool

Geordies are a friendly lot.

For example, their side has been quite generous to Liverpool during the Premiership era. Newcastle and the Reds have combined for 129 goals in their fixtures, the highest such combination in its annals.

But not today.

The fans at St James's Park witnessed only one tally. That was good news for most of them, as the home side provided it, complements of Ayoze Pérez:

Newcastle were still pumped from upending league champions Manchester City, 2-0, in a midweek League Cup match.

Liverpool's camp has much to discuss lately, but scoring goals is not one of them. Its whitewash by the Magpies means the Reds have now gone two consecutive matches without scoring. Think they're missing Suàrez now?

This particular match was a game jam-packed with chances after chances -- mostly for Newcastle -- but neither team was able to convert until Pérez struck, pouncing on a mistake from Alberto Moreno.

Newcastle is in company with the Chicago Cubs and Toronto Maple Leafs in that it has an incredible following but rarely delivers the goods. Thus, its legions take satisfaction where they find it, and the Magpies place in the Premiership's top half will suffice for now.

Meanwhile, the Reds don't really need to wonder what they have to do. They simply need the likes of high-ticket transfer Mario Balotelli to start earning his keep.

If his barren patch continues, the 'Pool may resort to putting his minder in the starting XI instead.