Magpies Ask, 'Who's Invincible?'

Published on 11-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Magpies Ask, 'Who's Invincible?'

Well, it was the season's 15th Premiership match that burst the bubble for Chelsea.

Their tilt in Newcastle was not about the Magpies' win but the Blues' loss.

The 14-game unbeaten streak came to an end as Chelsea’s bad run against Newcastle continued, this time by a 2-1 result. Happier than the Geordie fans are those who are chasing Chelsea at the top of the table. When you're that good, jealousy is a given.

It was one of those nights when José Mourinho’s crew couldn't even park their bus in front of goal in St. James's Park. Instead, it was déja vu on display. First of all, who can forget the sick curler by Papiss Cissé against Chelsea few years back?

Dude scored two then, and he scored two now. Not as spectacular, but just as important.

This is why the game football is beautiful. Who would have thought Newcastle -- a Premiership version of the Chicago Cubs and Toronto Maple Leafs -- could do the impossible and defeat the then-invincible Chelsea?

Sure, the Blues were the better team, and sure, they had all the shots. Just as sure, they had all the chances, but in the end, there's now surely no more talk of invincibles.