Madrid Derby: Woulda Been Better to Watch Paint Dry

Published on 16-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Madrid Derby: Woulda Been Better to Watch Paint Dry

What does one expect from a rivalry in any sport?

Adrenaline rushes, total intensity, top stars rising to the occasion, moments of brilliance, and finally, a grand stage where it all plays out.

Then there was the latest renewal of Madrid's derby. If ever there was a need for an in-stadium channel changer, this snoozefest confirmed it.  The 0-0 didn't do the term boredom justice.

Volumes of talking and  breathless anticipation may have overhyped the match, if that's possible for a such a high-profile pairing at Real and Atlético. Or perhaps this 90-minute hijacking of fans' lives was the result of tactical thinking from both sides to not give goals away. After all, this was only the first leg.

It’s not that the match didn't have moments. Gareth Bale stepped up, but failed to capture the moment:

At least one member of Los Blancos nation must be going wild on Bale’s car right now.

The frustration of not scoring took a hard troll on Carvajal.

That's one step closer to being checked for rabies, dude.

If only referees were this committed nowadays.

At least the game didn't end like this.

The 2015 Madrid derby had better have saved for the last. History is our only hope.

Otherwise, what a waste of a good day.