Liverpool Steals One in Their Own Home

Published on 14-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Liverpool Steals One in Their Own Home

Robbing Arsenal of a victory is a good thing.

The fact that Liverpool needed to do it at Anfield does take a bit of luster off the accomplishment, though.

The Reds matched their visitors in every aspect of the game and added a dramatic coda to produce the 3-3 scoreline.

Two big names and, admittedly, both teams did justify their stature with their performances. 

But first, there was the one and only -- to his parents, at least -- Roberto Firmino pushing the Klopp Army with a fine strike:

Petr Čech can stop Lionel Messi but not Firmino.

Aaron Ramsey quickly replied, as he showed the quality that almost justifies Premiership ticket prices:

Simon Mignolet had no chance with this one.

Firmino then displayed what most Brazilians are known for doing:

Ronaldinho must be so proud of his descendants.

Olivier Giroud nodded the ball and Mignolet let it go through.

This time it is his fault.

Giroud's a sniper with his left foot:

Then, in the 90th minute, when all seemed lost:.

Joe Allen robbed the Gunners of two points, and Anfield erupted with joy.