Liverpool’s New Year Crushed by the Hammers

Published on 4-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Liverpool’s New Year Crushed by the Hammers

West Ham United has defeated every big name in the game this season.

Now, they've checked Liverpool off their list with style with a 2-0 decision.

The Reds couldn't escape the Hammers' wrath any more than the other big brands. Perhaps the only option would've been to just recall Luis Suárez.


Michail Antonio was the first to dump on the 'Pool in this one, as the Hammers provided a fine example as to why they're beating the big dudes:

A perfect cross matched by a perfect header.

Andy Carroll was rejected by the Reds a few years back. Don't know how long Black Sabbath's Iron Man had to wait for his revenge, but Carroll made the most of his moment when it came:

Maybe Jürgen Klopp should focus a few practice segments on defending crosses.

West Ham has been amazing. They've definitely put themselves in the hunt for a spot in Europe.

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