Liverpool’s Home Boys Get It Done

Published on 6-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Liverpool’s Home Boys Get It Done

The 'Pool notched an easy 2-0 three-pointer against the West Ham, thanks to their two Englishmen, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge.

For a few weeks, now, the Hammers have been enjoying the life at the higher end of the table, which included sitting above the Reds. What with Liverpool's suffering a late setback in their Cup run and desperately needing a win, the stage for a statement was set.

It has to be said. They used it perfectly.

First up was their tiny magician, who opened the scoring after a build-up that was both clever and fortunate:

Sterling had time to chest, turn, and dash while defenders could only raise their arms. He's Liverpool’s very own version of The Flash. Similar moves, too:

Liverpool’s now-favorite son, Daniel Sturridge, returned to Anfield, and the glory days were back again:

Mario Balotelli must be now taking notes on finishing from his fellow teammates.

Sturridge's recovery fills the void left by Luis Suárez, but only partially. While Balotelli and Rickie Lambert have struggled with goals, Sturridge has struggled with fitness.

Here's what they’ve been missing.