Liverpool Is Unstoppable in Friendlies

Published on 17-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Liverpool Is Unstoppable in Friendlies

The Reds Army is on a roll in its pre-season tour.

The 'Pool came from behind to hand Brisbane Roar a bitter 1-2 defeat.

Manager Brendan Rodgers has been quite active in the transfer market this time around, trying to cope with his crew's disastrous performance last season. But all that seems to be in the rear-view mirror now; perhaps the Reds have found their rhythm.

But rhythm doesn’t always sync right from the start:

All-white attire doesn't bring Real Madrid-like football, dudes.

It was Liverpool’s young gun, Adam Lallana, to bring the Reds back into the game:

Who needs Raheem Sterling when they have this dude?

Then came one of the new Reds acquisitions, James Milner, to put the Pommies in front.

And they got him on a free transfer. Rodgers sure knows how to make a profit.