Liverpool Getting Its Act Together

Published on 27-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Liverpool Getting Its Act Together

Seven points in three matches isn't exactly setting the world on fire, but it'll do for now.

Liverpool's been grinding them out, trying to get on the sort of roll that'll make them a factor in the Premiership race.

The latest was in a tricky fixture against Tottenham, where they emerged deserved winners with a 2-1 result at Anfield.

So, has the 'Pool's revolution actually begun this time?

Upcoming matches against Crystal Palace, Watford, Southampton, and Sunderland could surely provide momentum.

In this one, Daniel Sturridge has been an excellent signing for the Reds. Dude's just gotta stay in one piece. That was the case here, so he did what he usually does. Score:

Might want to get longer spikes, there.

Strurridge popped up again in the 64th minute, slipping through the defense and scoring an easy solo:

Damn. Was that the Sturr-dude or Claude Rains?

Either way, the crew in that scene reacted better than Spurs did.

Vincent Jansson put Spurs on the board in the 76th minute, after all was done and dusted. Hope it'll help him at contract time.

With their upcoming schedule, the Reds look to be near the top for the next month, anyway.

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