Liverpool As Good As Chelsea in the Capital One Semis

Published on 21-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Liverpool As Good As Chelsea in the Capital One Semis

Liverpool tested their winning momentum against a flawless Chelsea side, but could only manage a 1-1 draw in their League Cup match at Anfield.

It was your basic battle of primary colors, Reds against Blues.

Chelsea  were eyeing their chances for a double -- the Premiership title and Capital One Cup -- whereas Liverpool just wanted something to cheer about after a disappointing league campaign.

What with José Mourinho's snide quip about the 'Pool letting Steven Gerrard go, it was clear both teams had the knives out for each other, so it was the perfect stage to win bragging rights. The Blues opened their account early, and who better to march the battalion but Eden Hazard, the wizard of Chelsea.

As cool as can be. Even Simon Mignolet’s spreadeagle pose couldn't stop him from scoring.

If it was Chelsea’s little man to start the scoring, then it was the little man from Liverpool to end it. Raheem Sterling scampered like a little mouse in between the big cats to garner a wonder goal:

Maybe all of his team mates should take a vacation to Jamaica.

Being a Cup tie, the war is still to be won. It's now on the leader’s verdure for the second leg, which has been a tough place for a visiting side to conquer.

May be SuperMario can finally start adding to his highlight reel there.

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