Leicester City’s One Point Closer to the Premiership Title

Published on 2-May-2016 by srijan213

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Leicester City’s One Point Closer to the Premiership Title

If patience is indeed a virtue, Leicester City should wear all-white kits.

They've patiently waited 132 years for a bite of the Premiership cherry.

So they're likely not fussed about waiting at least another day.

A win at Old Trafford would've given their story a happy ending then and there, but the 1-1 comeback draw against Manchester United wasn't the worst of results.

Beating Swansea at home was one thing, but with Jamey Vardy sitting out the second half of his suspension, the Foxes must've been wondering who was gonna replace his firepower this week against the likes of United on the road.

Dudes no doubt raised that thought to DefCon 4 after the eighth minute.

That's when Anthony Martial put a dent in their quest:

The Red Devils have the inside track to a Top Four finish -- important for European competition next year -- so this wasn't like they were simply serving as a foil to the fairy tale.

But City didn't stay quiet for long. After all, they're the heroes here, save for the dissenting opinion of Spurs Nation and the hosts.

United never use their heads these days but Wes Morgan does.

Dude's the perfect symbol for Leicester. Vardy may now be an England international, but Morgan's caps for Jamaica seem more fitting for this crew of outta-nowheres and snot-knockers, assembled for a grand total of £25million, compared to the £300million or so of United and its ilk.

Adding to the drama were incidents where both sides could've incurred penalties, but the referee either let them go or ruled them out of the box.

And didn't Danny Drinkwater learn anything from Vardy's sending off?

The hands were bad enough on a second yellow, but the lips have put the rest of his season in jeopardy.

So the stage is set for tonight at Chelsea. Spurs haven't won at Stamford Bridge in 26 years, and a loss -- or draw -- this time would hand the championship to Leicester.

Premiership table

Meanwhile, Louis van Gaal's job is well and truly on the line as United must make up serious ground in their final matches to overtake a stumbling Manchester City.

But few outside of Old Trafford's sphere of influence are paying much attention to it right now.

There's a fairy tale to finish.

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