Leicester City Is the Foxy New Blue

Published on 15-Dec-2015 by srijan213
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New heros

Something old, something new, and lo and behold, both are in blue.

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea suffered a humiliating loss at the feet of the Premiership's unwashed new leader -- Leicester City -- as the match ended 2-1 to the unfashionable Foxes.

Perhaps they don't have the headline-grabbing allure of England's big clubs, but this season, Leicester's proved their worth time and again. The players might just be knighted for the performance they've posted up till now:

Premiership table 14 Dec 2015

It was England’s fairy-tale boy, Jamie Vardy, who first bestowed misery upon Chelsea:

One should not sleep on the field, and Diego Costa took it upon himself to remind his mates that it's just not the done thing:

Frankly, that was his main contribution on the day.

Meanwhile, Riyad Mahrez has been doing things for Leicester that has Foxes fans pinching themselves:

One of the best solo goals of the season. Even Messi nor Ronaldo can't top that.

Loïc Rémy finally got Chelsea on the board to salvage a small modicum of honor:

But when that's all there is in the tank, the relegation zone beckons.

Premiership table bottom

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