Legendary Lampard Bids Premiership Adieu

Published on 28-May-2015 by srijan213

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Legendary  Lampard Bids Premiership Adieu

English football will never be the same.

At least in the reasonably near future.

The highest scoring midfielder in the English game played his final match last weekend when Manchester City defeated Southampton, 2-0.

The Premiership has lost two legends this season: Steven Gerrard and, now, Frank Lampard. The latter received his farewell from Chelsea a year ago; this time around its the entire league biding goodbye.

Unlike Stevie G’s swan song, Lampard will remember his last 90 for good. It is only fair to see the departing legend post the first goal in a match that truly needed it:

The joy in his expression reveals how much it meant and means.

Saints are a strong squad, but the Sky Blues proved even better. It was the league's Golden Boot winner, Super Agüero, to end the season on a high for City.

Second place in the table isn't exactly a bad result, but when you're a dethroned champion, it does ring a bit hollow.

But that's City's finish, and Southampton stay seventh. Both teams were supposed to be in different spots for different reasons, but that's why they play the game.

And Saints could be doing it again quite soon. If Arsenal conquers Aston Villa in this Saturday's FA Cup final, Southampton will wind up in the Europa League draw, with first games set for July.

Who knows? Perhaps Lampard will be there himself.