John Oliver Makes Good on His Anti-FIFA Pledge

Published on 9-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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John Oliver Makes Good on His Anti-FIFA Pledge

Dude should run for office.

John Oliver made a promise and kept it.

With the Feds closing in on boardroom villain Sepp Blatter over the plundering of worldwide soccer's coffers, the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight kept up his own personal campaign to throw the bastard out.

Now that it's happened, Oliver conducted a celebration of sorts:


Wisely, though, Oliver stepped back from the brink of human sacrifice, which would've been a pledge to see United Passion, the $30million pile of celluloid doo-doo that Blatter's crowd made to glorify itself and that grossed $607 -- that's right, $607 -- on its first weekend screenings in the USA.

Someone shoulda told these criminals-in-waiting that it'd already been done:

It made more than $607.

The non-bribed public can recognize classic parody when they see it.