Is Everyone Out of Control?

Published on 18-Jun-2014 by Larry Cory

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Is Everyone Out of Control?

A  Lexington, Kentucky cop was fined $403.00 for verbally confronting a 13-year-old -- yes, 13-year-old -- soccer official and then shoving him and grabbing his wrist.

I'm confused.

I thought that grabbing and shoving a person was assault. Fortunately, the court agreed.

And now, I certainly hope the disciplinary board will take a stronger stance in this case. I'm sure the officer is sorry and embarrassed, but the public needs to be aware that putting one's hands on an official will result in severe punishment!

If a policeman can do it and only get fined $403.00, what is the fine for every other citizen who might do the same thing? Wonder what the punishment would be if I verbally confronted this officer? What if I pushed this tough guy and grabbed his wrists just like he did the 13-year-old kid?

Stuff like this has been bad and is getting worse. Here's another incident of what's becoming all too common:

As a high school, college, and professional sports official for over 30 years, I appreciate that law enforcement has always been right there to help us if need be. Every official tips his/her cap to them, but still, youth league games are getting out of control.

Middle school in Lexington is a riot waiting to happen. One middle school football coach, when told to get back to the sideline, told two different officials in two different games that he was Fayette County School police and he would arrest us! Yeah, right! What a fool!

I'm not saying that this Lexington officer should lose his job, but punishment should be more than a $403.00 fine. Maybe he can ref a football game with me. Then he and that jerkwad middle school coach can arrest each other!

No one calls these idiots out, either. Believe it or not, that coach is now a high school coach!

Remember, now: players play, officials officiate, and people who cant do either watch.

Stay in the stands, folks. It actually is only a game!