Is Chelsea Actually Getting Its Act Together?

Published on 3-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Is Chelsea Actually Getting Its Act Together?

After a very long time, the dudes over in SW6 are showing why they're the reigning champions.

Chelsea tore Crystal Palace to pieces as the rejuvenated side won 0-3 at Selhurst Park.

Perhaps the latter half of 2015 just wasn't the time of year for the Blues, but 2016 has surely started with a bang. Palace isn't an easy team to beat this season, but this time, Chelsea had no problem whatsoever.

Diego Costa was taught well by Guus Hiddink, providing a selfless assist for Oscar:

Their player of the season to date, Willian, fired a cracker to stun the Eagles:

Dude's filling Hazard’s role quite capably this season.

The team beast, Diego Costa, notched their third in a rather non-beastly manner:

No matter what, some goal is always better than no goal.

José Mourinho is out there somewhere counting his dosh and waiting for the phone to ring, but as it stands righ tnow, Manchester United isn't hiring and his old crew has gotten over him quite nicely.