Gunners Recover from a Ghastly Start

Published on 17-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Gunners Recover from a Ghastly Start

After a mortifying season opener, Arsenal have righted the ship.


Arsenal edged a tricky Crystal Palace side 2-1 to grab the glory.

Arsène Wenger's crew is that rare breed who plays football with elegance. Clearly the punters didn't hesitate to check their box, but whenver a guner and eagle clash, the eagle doesn't go down easily. If at all.

Ask a GoPro drone:

The game's beauty was defined by the Gunners’ first goal, compliments of Olivier Giroud:

It's hard to score like that in Fifa 15, let alone in a real soccer game.

Arsenal hadn't finished celebrating that spectacular goal when the Eagles' Joel Ward retaliated:

If Arsenal can hit it high, the Eagles can hit it low.

Grace and elegance can only go so far, though. Sometimes, you've just gotta get the ricochets:

To be fair, defenders are taught to slide the ball away from the penalty area.

But in the end, fair has little to do with anything.