Gunners Get Gonged on Opening Weekend

Published on 10-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Gunners Get Gonged on Opening Weekend

So much for a Community Shield afterglow.

Now Arsenal are contending with a season-starting hangover.

The Gunners were shockingly defeated by West Ham United 2-0 to begin their Premiership campaign.

In another era, Chuck Barris would've used that shield for something else after Arsenal's performance:


Yes, the Premiership is always full of surprises, and it got out of the gates early with this one.

Petr Čech must have been thinking about the good old days at Chelsea, because the defense there wasn't that poor.


Čech probably wished he had a gong club right about then.

The crew with Hammers on their crest just wrote in on the wall.

That was the decision to make a break for it since Butch and Sundance made a poor choice in Peru.

Still, maybe Čech's late reactions are why José Mourinho doesn’t miss him.

As opposed to stuff the world does miss.