Gunners Get Christmas Coal from Southampton

Published on 28-Dec-2015 by srijan213

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Gunners Get Christmas Coal from Southampton

Santa Claus came to the South Coast with loads of goals for Southampton, but Arsenal left empty-handed.

The Saints enjoyed Boxing Day to the max, romping to a 4-0 result over the high-flying Gunners.

Arsenal was thought to have an easy stroll along the shore, but the home side weren't in a giving mood.

Cuco Martina confirmed he was into the Christmas spirit by firing a cracker:

On the bright side, there were no corny riddles inside.

Generosity was where you found it in St Mary’s Stadium, as Sadio Mané assisted Shane Long for a second.

No wonder they're called the Saints.

Jose Fonté popped the third, as Arsenal's defense, such as it was, crumbled:

When are the Gunners going to learn set piece defending?

By now, that's a rhetorical question.

Long made a long day longer as he racked up his second:

The Arsenal defenders are so far from each other, they'd need different postal codes to exchange holiday cards.