Germany Slams Slovakia, as They Always Do

Published on 27-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Germany Slams Slovakia, as They Always Do

Die Mannschaft lived up to its World Champion standing by dominating the Euro 2016 stage.

It was a business-as-usual outing against Slovakia, as Germany continued its relentless advance in this tourney with a 3-0 pasting.

The Slovaks had been performing respectably in this event, but that's not enough when the opponent comes with such imposing credentials.

The Repre Slovenskí sokoli -- Falcons -- couldn't handle the relentless German attack from the outset, so it didn't take long before the inevitable happened.

Like eight minutes.

It came in the form of Jerome Boateng:

That's as good a volley as the sport can display.

German DNA's gotta be loaded with attack genes. Sooner or later, they come to the fore, which is good news for Mario Gómez. Dude may have been silent in his domestic campaign, but for internationals, his 'A' game emerged:

This is German efficiency at its best, ranking right up there with the rest of German efficiency:

Julian Draxler is getting much-deserved attention these days, and he added another reason for the press to was prolific with this effort:

Seems like the Germans practiced a ton of volleys in their training sessions lately.

They're now on to the quarter-finals against Spain or Italy.

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